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Cold water machine the rig the form a complete set of application of the cooling system

Has offshore and onshore drilling platform, the main equipment of power system power diesel engine work need cooling water circulating system. Offshore platform of cooling water can be obtained by submersible pump or convenient to make submarine gate, but when land through submersible pump of the cooling water or seawater, thus unable to realize the normal of the ground test. Then the circulating cooling water industrial ice machine can be very good cooling system of the drilling platform supporting the application.

is given priority to with cold water machine the platform to form a complete set of cooling system, including: the first tank monohydrate, including the first input pipe, the first output pipeline; The second tank, including the second input pipe and the second output pipeline; Annular pipe, pipe connected with the first output pipeline, the second output; output with input pipe, pipe, of which the input pipe and annular pipe connected to the output pipe and the first input pipe and pipe connected to the second input; And generator sets, generator input pipe, generator output pipeline, generator connected to input pipe and annular pipe, generator output pipeline pipe connected with the first input line and the second input. Using a number of water tank in the ground water in water tank and water chillers, cooling water circulation between generator sets, and thus can realize the normal flat debugging.
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