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Cold water machine the refrigeration and heat exchanger ( A)

Refrigeration and heat exchanger is cold water machine, and other basic equipment, refrigerating machine is an important part of.

in the cold water machine refrigeration fittings, compressor is the main heat exchange equipment, but other accessories such as evaporator and condenser evaporator, condenser, cooler, regenerator, plate heat exchanger, intercooler and etc. The heat transfer components are collectively referred to as refrigeration and heat exchanger.

in the cold water machine the refrigeration fittings, in addition to the compressor, refrigeration and heat exchanger metal consumption is very big, also is the most important physical weight. As in the shell and tube heat exchanger in the refrigerator, the weight of the heat exchanger accounted for about 60% of the overall weight - 90%. The improvement of the heat exchanger are

is an important part of cold water machine the machine improvement, the development of refrigeration and heat exchanger and cold water mechanism cooling technology is an important branch of the development of the whole. Is now the most light small halogenated hydrocarbon in the cold water machine, although heat exchanger using thin wall pipe, sheet material, also accounts for about 30% of the machine above its weight. Therefore, in order to reduce the total weight and volume, cold water machine the overall requirements for the heat exchanger is: good heat transfer performance, light weight, compact structure.

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