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Cold water machine the refrigeration and heat exchanger ( 2)

Cold water machine the energy consumption index is mainly determined by the heat transfer performance, so the cold water machine heat transfer performance of heat transfer depends on the efficiency of cold water machine the machine play a decisive role.

because of limited heat exchanger heat transfer area is always cold water machine, heat transfer temperature difference, there must be 'cycle of externally irreversible factors, make the efficiency of the whole machine is limited.

in order to reduce the irreversible, we have to improve the heat exchanger in the cold water machine, if not increase or increase heat exchange area, the enhanced heat transfer process; And to reduce the heat transfer temperature difference by increasing heat transfer area, such not only to increase the cost but also increase the volume and weight of the machine, so in the design of the cold water machine, cold water heat exchanger heat transfer enhancement is crucial for the development of the mechanism of cold.

in the cold water machine the refrigeration and heat exchanger design and selection of theory belongs to the heat transfer and fluid mechanics.

based on the heat transfer between the hot and cold fluid way, the mechanism of cold water cold heat exchanger can be divided into the recuperative heat exchanger, regenerative heat exchanger, and contact type heat exchanger.

in the cold water machine is recuperative heat exchanger, the vast majority of heat exchanger is a small number of contact type heat exchanger, the regenerative heat exchanger applied in cryogenic technology.

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