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Cold water machine the pump common faults and screening

Cold water machine is a vapour compression or absorption cycle refrigeration effect of energy saving machine. Cold water machine called the cooling water circulation.

in use process, often there will be a component failure led to the cold water machine can't normal use, this is a list of pump failure, and screening method.

1, the cause of the problem of water pump:

1, the water pump overload protector action on the ac contactor;

2, the pump itself problem; Burn out, such as coil bearing necrosis.

elimination method:

1, the light in the over-current protector RESET RESET the healthy.

2, replace the capacitor.

3, replace the water pump, replace the water pump should be paid attention to when turning.

4, and blockage of the filter device;

5, inadequate system industrial ice machine low pressure alarm;

6, stop working due to high pressure alarm loop cooling water;

7, heat transport device cooling fan stopped working due to high pressure alarm.

elimination method:

1, clean strainer or replace the same type of filter.

2, to supplement the industrial ice machine system.

3, check the cooling water circulating pump is normal work, and for repair or replacement

4, check whether the heat exchanger cooling fan is working normally, and for repair or replacement.


1, eliminate above problems should pay attention to check the power connection is disconnected.

2, should ask professional maintenance when the machine is in failure, it is strictly prohibited in the machine fails to run machine.

2, power failure reason:

1, mains disconnecting, lack of phase, unstable,

2, check whether the phase sequence protector is burn out;

3, the fuse burned;

elimination method:

1, check whether the mains is normal, after waiting for mains is normal to work again.

2, change the phase sequence protector.

3, replacing the fuse.
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