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Cold water machine the price difference in where

There are many different kinds of cold water machine the market at present, the quality is good and bad are intermingled, the price is different; Why cold water machine the price different, where is the price difference?

cold water vendors would count for everybody below lead to price difference of cold water machine:

the first cooling water machine for each product price is cost plus profit, if the price is too low, will certainly on the cold water machine the machine cost.

first is compressor, just the cost of compressor is a large part of the cost of off the cold water machine and is the core component of the cold water machine, some manufacturers in order to profit wider, do not hesitate to use refurbished compressor ACTS as a new use, general users can't tell, but bought this refurbished compressor of industrial ice machine, will cause the loss of energy consumption ratio, the performance is not stable, even compressor scrap soon, affect production, cause greater losses.

cold water machine used in the valley of round compressor compressor and some low price comparison, it can effect comparing is far, the price also sent out 1 - 2 times.

secondly, in terms of condenser some condensation area shrink, copper aluminum tube, more practical and retrofitting the condenser, compressor frequent alarm will cause cold water machine ( Especially in summer) , refrigerating capacity obviously inadequate. Evaporation area is narrow, thinning of the copper tube, material discount, etc. Cold water machine after-sales service is also no guarantee.

some users choose machine devotion to the price, but ignore the cold water machine more important mission: is to ensure that reliable and stable in the process of industrial production or experiment. Though when purchasing part seems to save the cost, in fact, the follow-up questions will be bigger, as a result of human consumption, loss of production, save is far greater than the parts.

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