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Cold water machine the open idea and practice

Cold water machine the open idea and practice

such as evaporative condenser using coaxial connection centrifugal fan or tank with electric heating, 500 more than the required minimum distance should be increased appropriately, U for maintenance. The water of the evaporative condenser plate should be not less than 500 mm from the ground. So that the pipe connection, water leak detection and prevent dirt in the fan.

to big energy device, you need to set up with many sets of evaporative condenser in - Platform t - R requirements when the fork does not guarantee the shortest distance between Shanghai cold water machine, the site will form their own environmental air, choosing condenser shall be appropriately raise wet bulb temperature calculation. Many sets of evaporative ling a laparoscope, usually connected to a condenser, to ensure that the actual resistance loss is equal, prevent to a condenser produced liquid. Because of the industrial ice machine through the evaporative condenser pressure big industrial cold water machine power loss ( About three times of shell and tube type) , in order to ensure that ammonia liquid flow into the receiver, should carry the evaporative condenser is decorated in the above receiver I. 2 - 1. 5 m. High pressure receiver

high pressure receiver generally need to decorate inside the equipment room, and close to the condenser. When decorate outside the room, shading, prevent sun direct illuminate. Installation of high pressure liquid height, must ensure that the 300 - 500 MRN physical ability with the aid of liquid level difference within themselves go into the receiver. Condenser liquid outlet from the center of receiver into the liquid valve should be greater than 300 ~ 500 mm. The receiver should be installed on the pressure gauge and relief valve, and installed in a prominent location level indicator. If two or more than two a laparoscope, usually connected to a receiver, should be in the top and bottom of the barrel with equalizer pipe connected & # 39; Equalizing valve should be installed on the tube. More than one receiver, should try to make each barrel diameter cypress, etc. If range, improve the small bucket foundation, make the barrel at the top of the same level.

ammonia liquid separator

ammonia liquid separator for gravity feed liquid systems. For single-layer cold storage can decorate the hall or in the attic room warehouse the attic, keep the liquid level is higher than the highest layer of the evaporator pipe 0 5 ~ 2 m. When the warehouse for more than two layer or two layers, the storehouse of ammonia liquid separator is apart from the room than I ~ d 50 m, or warehouse for direct expansion evaporator for liquid, computer room shall have ammonia liquid separator & # 39; And drainage device is installed in its lower part, that is, low pressure liquid industrial cold water machine or drainage barrels, poor borrow level and ensure its liquid Shanghai cold water gravity flow 8 low pressure receiver or drainage. With low pressure liquid ammonia liquid separator ( Or drainage barrels) Pressure should be set up between the gas pipe. Rl/I ultra high ammonia liquid separator liquid level alarm device, high level control in the barrel long two-thirds of height. Pressure gauge and relief valve shall be installed on the hydrogen gas liquid separator. Banned in ammonia liquid separator gas between in and out of the tube set a by-pass valve.

low pressure receiver and drainage barrels

Shanghai cold water machine is low pressure liquid and the room liquid separator supporting the use of hydrogen. Low pressure receiver shall set up ~ E ~ JL room below the ammonia liquid separator. Low pressure liquid into the mouth of the receiver must be below the engine room of ammonia liquid separator drainage hole, in order to make sure the liquid ammonia liquid separator liquid level difference in gravity flow into the barrel. Low pressure pipe shall be set up on the receiver, pressure gauge, safety smell and liquid level indicator. Low pressure liquid receiver shall set up high industrial cold water reservation alarm device, high level control 70 yukio okamoto, t product in the container. Drainage barrels of general layout in equipment q, s set near the cold fWJ - as much as possible Side. Drainage barrels of the array may not and the drum pressure fluid inlet pipe share A interface, nozzle free ~ 14 CNF: A tube by the system. Drainage barrels should set pressure pipe, pressure gauge, safety valve and liquid level indicator.
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