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Cold water machine the non-condensable gases exclude device

In some low pressure industrial ice machine in the system is running in the centrifugal chiller, the low voltage side is bound to in the vacuum state. If the R - 113, then the whole system under vacuum, which means that as long as there is leaked, you don't have air into the system. Containing oxygen and moisture in the air, it mixes with industrial ice machine are weak acid, finally corrosion motor winding, caused damage, and even make the lyophilizer burned. Air can also in the process of unit shipped into the condenser, but it cannot condensation, and lead to an exhaust pressure. If there is more air into the system, then the exhaust pressure is too high, the unit automatically shut down.

air into the condenser, often gathered at the top of the condenser, and occupy the effective space of the condenser. This part of the air exhaust system can be used to collect, ruled out. Exhaust system is a set of independent device, it has used to collect the condenser at the top of the sample gas compressor, and then try to in another independent be condensed in the condenser.

there are different types of exhaust system, while efficiency is different, but all have the same function. Several of them are using the system, high pressure and low pressure difference between the pressure to get the same compressor exhaust system produces pressure difference condition, and then through the condenser all refrigerants condensation in the sample gas. When the exhaust system automatic pressure release times are more frequent, can maintain system is leaking.

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