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Cold water machine the medium of the compressor

Medium-sized open piston compressor is mainly using R22 and ammonia as industrial ice machine, also has used in industrial propane, propylene, ethylene as a industrial ice machine. Cold water machine in industry is mostly the choice of the compressor.

when the evaporation temperature - Above 30 ℃, generally adopts the single stage compression, in - 20℃~- 65 ℃ low temperature field, use two stage compression, city using single stage double stage compressor. As a prime mover, cold water machine the general motor in fisheries and power shortage areas can be driven by internal combustion engine, medium-sized chillers in single, double compressor model are used, the lowest temperature reached 80 degrees below zero.

divided into the suction chamber, the exhaust chamber and body of the compressor crankcase three parts. The crankcase has the parts such as crankshaft, cylinder sleeve. Such as refrigerants for ammonia, in Shanghai, cylinder head is equipped with cooling jacket, to reduce exhaust temperature, prevent oil deterioration, improve the service life of the compressor. Many USES annular valve of the suction and discharge valves, valve plates made of stainless steel, etc. In order to prevent large suction duct tape unit fluid, leading to higher abnormal pressure in the cylinder, security gland is set on the exhaust valve group.

lubrication using forced oil pump system, commonly used or cycloid gear pump rotor pump. Oil pump system is equipped with hydraulic control valve, adjustable oil pump pressure. Shaft sealing device adopts mechanical seal, with phosphor bronze ring, ring made of low carbon steel surface carburizing.

compressor chillers are on-demand option, varied patterns of choice.
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