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Cold water machine the level of research

Long-distance liquid level indicator, described above three level indicator must be installed on the need to indicate level of containers, containers for a large refrigeration system and scattered layout, this gives the operator to observe level increased the difficulty. Adopted. Shown in the distance trembling level indicator can solution this problem. Liquid level indicator can be set up over a long distance are shown in far away from the container on the control panel, the height is not restricted, and can correctly show cold water machine level. Also some with a hidden mirror, with the device itself can be easily observed level. Their working principle is: the level indicator by for observation of the glass tube liquid level indicator and seamless steel pipe welded with glass tube length of oil container, oil container by steel plate divided into completely different fluctuation two parts, two guide pressure tube and the containers are interlinked, is in the upper industrial cold water machine the upper guide tube pressure containers can be gas pressure directly guide people oil container, the upper part of lower guide evaporation pressure pipe through a larger diameter tube ( Commonly referred to as the evaporation chamber) After connect with deep container liquid level again. Assuming that the ammonia vapor pressure container is Po, H points of the liquid level should be 100. Initial ammonia liquid pressure pipe through guide into the evaporation chamber and the internal evaporation, evaporation when indoor equals the pressure container with deep H, under the action of air blocking liquid can't again into the evaporation chamber, evaporation indoor F ( 阿宝+ P, H) By conducting A fuel reservoir, in the oil level of oil container and oil level of glass tube, established the pressure difference between difference is pAHt is glass Zhou camp oil increases, the higher part of the container is the height of the cross A bit ^, but due to the density of liquid ammonia and frozen oil density is different, according to the Po + PAH p。 H is + p y ^ ^ and unequal. Make long-distance level indicator has a joint parts. Is the evaporator section connected with the container, the evaporation chamber can adopt D5 7 & times; 3 the seamless steel pipe welded, external insulation is not allowed lower tubes, not with big diameter, otherwise can't form the air blocking, generally adopts D22x 2 cut or seamless steel tube. In addition, drainage tube and the drainage system barrels, low pressure receiver or loop should be interlinked, the middle of the cooler should be discharge of liquid level high. They can put the tubing in oil trap into the tubing, by oil trap combine oil use relief valve discharge system to ensure the safety of container generally intercooler relief valve setting value is 1 & middot; 25MPa。 For ammonia refrigeration system equipment used by the pressure gauge should be used in ammonia ffijiiJ table, maximum range should not l. F the work pressure l_5 times, accuracy is not less than 2 grade 5, in order to guarantee the accuracy, pressure gauge should check once a year. Surface and the pressure of detonation leopard to take over the machine should be adopted. Seamless steel pipe, and the front stop valve to install.

condensing part of

Shanghai industrial ice machine condensing part is mainly composed of oil separator, condenser and high pressure receiver, no non-condensable gas separator and related piping and heir cui, compressor discharge pressure superheated steam is entered into the oil machine, the exhaust pipe isolated TRG # I candidate LengPeng were cooling Ji pupil cooling liquid and then through the liquid hydrogen pipe into the receiver.
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