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Cold water machine the inspiratory pressure control

Cold water machine the refrigeration compressor suction pressure if over rating will cause the motor load is too large, and even burning motor, low temperature device starts up, after a long downtime inspiratory pressure will be very high, so you need to limit inspiratory pressure, by controlling the avoid inspiratory pressure P a job can make the refrigeration compressor with small capacity of motor, improving the efficiency of the motor, reduce the winding fever, this to breathe in the closed or semi-closed compressor cooling motor is especially useful.

method to control the suction pressure was installed on the suction inspiratory pressure regulating valve, it is controlled by the valve after pressure valve down, as the P rise to high evaporation pressure integrity flow back, at a relatively low suction pressure into the refrigeration compressor.

inspiratory pressure regulating valve and the crankcase pressure regulator, have straight type and service type, to adapt to the different capacity requirements.

with certain conditions of inspiratory pressure regulator can provide industrial ice machine flow ability to convert the corresponding conditions of refrigerant said the ability of inspiratory pressure regulating valve, industrial ice machine and valve type, valve and valve before and after the pressure drop, the highest pressure setting. Proportional band and valve is related to the temperature of the refrigerant gas.

cold water machine:
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