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Cold water machine the heat exchange process

With the rapid development of science and technology, the improvement of industrial and agricultural production, the refrigeration system is the development direction of modern refrigerating unit. Cold water machine is to all or part of the refrigeration equipment assembled into a whole, the industrial ice machine water directly to the user to provide needed a refrigeration unit. Under the cold water vendors would explain for you, cold water machine the heat exchange process is divided into four steps:
( 1) Chilled water with cold air of occasions with heat exchange;
( 2) Chilled water unit with industrial ice machine in the evaporator heat exchange;
( 3) Cooling water and condenser industrial ice machine heat exchange;
( 4) Cooling water in cooling tower and air heat exchange.
the four heat exchange process is inseparable from the water, visible, the importance of the work in chiller water to water chillers energy saving is the study of water flow.

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