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Cold water machine the gaseous refrigerant

Gaseous refrigerant from the condenser shell of the space between the upper into the condenser shell and heat exchange tube, the cooled refrigerant outside the heat exchange tube along the outer wall of heat exchange tube shed, condensate to accumulate in the bottom of the condenser, from a liquid pipe flow. In addition, the condenser shell Sha oil drain valve, exhaust valve and relief valve, etc.

to make the cooling water evenly distributed to each heat exchange tube, the top of the condenser is equipped with a water tank, with tank equipped with sieve plate, sieve plate each heat exchange tube is equipped with a nozzle, a chute on the cooling water through the nozzle, with spiral line along the inner wall of the heat exchange tube shed, such cooling water on the inner wall of the heat exchange tube can form a layer of water film well, make full use of the cooling water, improve the effect of the condenser cooling, reducing cooling water.

generally selected vertical tube and shell condenser of heat exchange tube of small diameter seamless pipe straight d38 & times; 3 mm and curved 51 & times; 35 mm, the height of the heat exchange tube in about 4 - 2-5 m, cooling water temperature rise 4cc。 The heat transfer coefficient of vertical tube and shell condenser - in 698 814W/( m2. cc) 。

the advantage of vertical tube and shell condenser is: outdoor installation, can save the room area; Can shall be installed at the bottom of the cooling tower, in order to simplify the cooling water system; Because of the heat exchange tube is a straight pipe, cleaning scale is more convenient, can be washed in running, water quality requirement is not high.

formal tube and shell condenser fault is: cooling water consumption is big, unit of HSS product cooling water for 1 - 1. 7m/( m2) ;

the equipment volume is big, the metal consumption of large, handling easy installation and small; leakage ripples are not easy to be found.

( 2) Horizontal tube and shell condenser horizontal tube and shell condenser is the most widely used in large, medium and small argon and freon

cold in choice.

horizontal tube and shell condenser is mainly composed of steel plate of simplified, heat exchange tube, a welding on both ends of the simplified to be in the

heat pipe tube plate and the composition of two end cover, the ends of the heat exchange tube, using expanded joint or fixed in the tube sheet welding tube hole. For freon tube and shell condenser of heat exchange tube with high thermal conductivity copper tube, improve the heat transfer efficiency of the condenser, and reduce the volume of the equipment. In order to further improve the heat transfer efficiency, reducing equipment volume, some of the heat exchange tube condenser using rolling finned copper tube.

in the horizontal tube and shell condenser, refrigerant vapor from ling condenser shell into the condenser, own the industrial ice machine vapor condensation on the surface of the heat exchange tube appearance, condenses into liquid flow from the bottom of the shell after entering the accumulator. For small refrigeration devices, in order to simplify the equipment, the bottom of the condenser short-ship rows in heat pipe, condenser of F as the accumulator. The condenser for hydrogen, at the bottom of the condenser is usually set - yet A collection of basin, used to collect oil and mechanical impurities. At the end of the condenser cooling water from the condenser end cover lower part into the heat exchange tube of the condenser, the internal partition of two end cover, so that the cooling water can flow back and forth many times within the heat exchange tube, cooling water flow from one end to another end is called a process at a time. Often ling process of condenser for a lot.
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