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Cold water machine, the development of industrial cold water machine works

If by absorbent liquid or solid adsorbent was carried out on the refrigerant vapor absorption or adsorption, to recycle driving heat source heat absorption or adsorption refrigerating, vapor compression refrigeration

to generate the high pressure and temperature of refrigerant vapor, cold water machine the refrigeration way respectively called the absorption refrigeration and adsorption refrigeration; Also use heat for) Throttling, become gas and liquid two phase mixture, into the evaporator, the liquid oxidation of evaporative cooling in the bulk hair steamer, time pressure of low pressure steam low low temperature shrinkage machine inhale again. This week and already, temperature ( - Below 70 ℃) Low comprehensive performance variation; Large range ( From about 100 watts to several hundred kw) And specifications; Refrigeration efficiency is high, has been widely to fairly complete degree. It refrigeration temperature industrial ice machine temperature range is wide, from the environment temperature to stand-alone refrigeration capacity - 150 ℃ can be realized, but used in air conditioning, food cold in ordinary refrigeration temperature range, vapor compression refrigeration is the dominant mode of refrigeration. It belongs to the cooling liquid, rely on consumption of electricity or prototype. After taking ammonia as the main refrigerant of function to realize heat from low temperature heat source, the high temperature heat source heat release. 1834 with ether as the working medium, an American inventor Mr Perkins for the first time, succeeded in matters of the vapor compression refrigeration closed, this is the period of industrial ice machine vapor compression type, in the 1930 s, the Buddha Lyon refrigerant found revolutionary to promote the development of the vapor compression refrigeration. This year, with the increasingly serious environmental problem, ammonia, carbon to drive energy, but using ejector suction vapor from the evaporator and compressed to high pressure, known as the steam jet refrigeration.

natural working substance such as application again to get people's attention.

1, system composition and working process of the

vapor pressure by the compressor, condenser, expansion valve, evaporator of four basic parts, through the pipe connect them into a sealing system. Type circulating

its working process is as follows:

1) Liquid refrigerant in the evaporator at low temperature and the cooling object heat exchange, absorption of the cooling heat and boil.

2) The low pressure steam in the compressor, after compression with decorous eduction.

3) Compressed gas pressure refrigerant entering the condenser, gives off heat to the cooling medium ( Is generally at room temperature with air or water) , condensation after beginning, form a loop.

4) Steam compression type machine of high cold still not high liquid compression refrigeration system.

elegant liquid flows through the expansion valve ( Or other throttling components frozen cold storage, petroleum, chemical industry, etc.
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