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Cold water machine the condensing pressure control

Cold water machine the condenser pressure control are realized by adjusting the heat exchange capacity of condenser.

cold water machine in the process of operation, when the load change, cold water machine the cooling medium in the condenser of air or water temperature and flow rate changes, will cause the condensing pressure ( P) Change, P rises, improved the exhaust pressure absorption refrigeration cycle than, exhaust temperature rise, refrigerating capacity reduction, performance coefficient decreased, but also caused by compressor Labour increases even motor overload.

so when running in the summer, as much as possible by adjusting the condensing pressure is lower, the circulation characteristics and compressor work is good, but winter running, the condensing pressure is too low, there will be a problem, again, for the expansion valve for hydraulic system, as a result of the expansion valve flow capacity is a function of the pressure difference between before and after the valve. P is too low pressure difference before and after the expansion valve is too small; For fluid power shortage. , cannot provide enough industrial ice machine to the evaporator liquid from the condenser to the expansion valve if transfusion pipe through the warm room or sticking up, because the static pressure or heat loss, refrigerant is easy to vaporize in the fluid pipe, valve before also seriously affect the ability of expansion valve, liquid caused by insufficient fluid.

cold water machine the cooling flow rate is too low, not only affect the mechanism of cold water cooling unit of refrigeration capacity, also can cause system oil return difficult, interfere with the normal operation of water chillers, for the hot gas defrosting device, condensing pressure is too low, the exhaust temperature is low, the hot gas defrosting can't effective, control for low pressure compressor rev, stop device for condensing pressure is too low, suction side pressure components of low voltage switch on, also is the compressor can not start properly. Every year winter season condensing pressure will be very low, if not the above control could be in trouble. This annual load of the refrigeration device for manufacturing field, especially important.

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