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Cold water machine the condenser

Mechanism of condenser is cold water machine the portal, it is cold water cold transit, exchange of the liquid in condenser and stored directly affect the cold water machine the refrigeration effect.

the selection of the suction pipe, the pressure in the suction pipe drops directly affect the capacity of refrigerating compressor which usually control the pressure in the suction pipe in 1 & deg c is equal to the saturated evaporator temperature difference; 。 Everything is given and R22 in different saturated evaporation temperature and equivalent general situation, different inner diameter of the suction moral energy. Different equivalent length of transfer alignment is among, the energy is based on saturated evaporation temperature difference for 1 c & deg; With the temperature of the liquid in front of the expansion valve for 40 & deg; With the temperature of the liquid in front of the expansion valve for 40 & deg; , for the other into the application of liquid liquid temperature can be approximate.

industrial ice machine has the characteristic of oil dissolve each other everything and R22 and lubricating oil is a limited dissolved, in order to guarantee from each refrigeration compressor out of the lubricating oil, after a series of equipment and piping, basically can all return to the refrigeration compressor crankshaft, the rise of inspiratory standpipe, should consider the necessary speed, to meet the needs of the oil return, R22 and R134a has a suction duct tape oil needs the minimum flow rate.

pressure drops directly affect the refrigeration compressor exhaust pipe must use power, usually the exhaust pipe control the pressure drop is equal to the saturated condensing temperature difference of 0. 5° 。 To exhaust pipe, besides should consider the necessary oil belt speed, exhaust in the standpipe with hydrocarbon flow minimum velocity

high-pressure liquid pipeline is from the receiver to the thermal expansion valve imports of liquid pipelines, does not include the receiver of the liquid from the condenser pipe, this part of high-pressure liquid pipeline pressure drop, may lead to flash gas production and make the thermal expansion valve work more often than not, the pressure drop in a high-pressure liquid pipeline control is usually placed in equivalent saturation temperature 0. 5° Everything and R22 liquid pipe of energy and the capacity of the exhaust pipe

the choice of the condenser, is very important, as a judge the benchmarking refrigerating capacity of the chiller, cooling effect, the condenser is very important.
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