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Cold water machine the compressor

Small open cold water machine piston compressor

open small piston compressor is widely used in automotive air conditioning, refrigeration cars and food refrigeration industry, the automotive air conditioning is given priority to with R404A and R507A box cast, simple structure, light weight. Larger compressor cylinder pressure into the body. On the crankshaft box type suction chamber and exhaust to the refrigerant is given priority to, and cold storage areas with R404A and R507A as main refrigerant, has rev. Type of a compressor is the main driving force motor. Drive way has a V belt and coupling straight league two. When diesel engine driven by electric control of compressor stop driving.

small capacity using live array magnetic clutch to type double cylinder, cylinder and crankshaft room. General has lower crankcase oil level indicator and gas interface.

medium open type piston compressor

medium also USES R717 industrial ice machine open backlog some occasions.

small shrinkage machine general piston pressure mainly using R22 and ammonia as refrigerant, in the petrochemical industry are using propane, propylene, ethylene as a system, while the common gear reduction machine is equipped with cooling jacket gas, to reduce exhaust temperature, prevent oil deterioration, improve the use life of refrigerant compressor.

when the evaporation temperature - 30 ℃ above, generally USES the single-stage pressure cylinder head Shanghai shrinkage, in - 20℃~- 65 ℃ low temperature field, use two stage compression, city using single stage double stage compressor. As a prime mover, general motor, can be used in fisheries and power shortage areas of internal combustion engine drive

room divided into the body of the compressor suction, exhaust chamber and crankcase three parts. The crankcase has the parts such as crankshaft, cylinder sleeve. Such as refrigerants for ammonia, sex, with V 4 cylinder or w-shaped 6 cylinders.

open start small. When the piston compression gold with high wear resistance cast iron, security gland is set on the exhaust valve group.

lubrication life force pump system automotive aluminum alloy casting machine out the body, is generally used in the organization of subtle high strength pressure controller, such as manufacturing. In order to prevent large unit suction duct tape section valve, adjustable oil pump pressure. Shaft cast iron casting. When the body USES the aluminum alloy. Many USES annular valve of the suction and discharge valves, valve plates with stainless steel fluid, causing abnormal pressure in the cylinder, in order to improve the balance of the oil pump or cycloid rotor pump. Oil pump system is equipped with mechanical seal, oil seal device adopts fixed ring with phosphor bronze, ring made of low carbon steel surface carburizing.
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