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Cold water machine the choose and buy factors to consider

We have learned a lot of users in the choose and buy when cold water machine, tend to think where is the cold water machine with about the same, the cold water machine the prices. Often ignored the cold water machine when the choose and buy some of the important factors.

below small make up summary under cold water machine when the choose and buy, the user should consider the factors: building purposes; The local water, electricity and heat source; Building air conditioning load distribution throughout the year; Initial investment and operation cost, etc.

1, the central air-conditioning system for large cold source, appropriate chooses the structure is compact, cover an area of an area small, refrigeration compressor, condenser and other equipment assembled on the same framework of the chiller.

2, according to the water temperature of cooling water, water quantity, water quality, and the possibility of cooling equipment, to determine the water cooled chiller and air-cooled chiller.

3, if there are suitable for heat source, especially a lack of waste heat or waste heat or electricity, then you should choose absorption chiller.

4, refrigeration units, generally it is advisable to choose 2 ~ 4 stage, small and medium size appropriate chooses two larger, all in all, according to the specific size.

5, the total capacity of electric chiller: Qe = A1A2A3A4QACKW type: A1 - A4 for each correction coefficient; QAC - Air conditioning design load, W or KW; For electrical refrigeration, can design according to the air conditioning load QAC selected water chillers, don't have to be attached.

6, choose electric water chillers, should be to select the appropriate type of cold water machine according to the scope of the refrigerating capacity

when single refrigerating capacity Q > 1163 kw, appropriate chooses the centrifugal;

single refrigerating capacity Q = 582 - When 1163, appropriate chooses centrifugal or screw;

single refrigerating capacity Q < 582 kw, appropriate chooses piston.

7, choose the cold water machine should consider its pollution to the environment, to meet the requirements of the environment noise and vibration; The influence of industrial ice machine to atmosphere.

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