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Cold water machine the ball float metering device

Ball float metering device has two types: low voltage side float device when the industrial ice machine level within the low voltage side rises, low voltage side of the floating ball also rose, open the valve port, the industrial ice machine flow. As long as you determine the correct liquid level height, cold water machine can get the required refrigeration dose.

high side float setting on the liquid tube into the evaporator. When the liquid industrial ice machine liquid level in the tube is higher, liquid refrigerant evaporator, floating ball, liquid refrigerant entering the evaporator.

if the floating ball and float box wall friction, form a larger resistance, or floating ball hole because of friction, the floating ball problems may appear. If the holes on the floating ball is larger, it will sink. If the situation appeared on the low voltage side float, it will make the valve port clock is open, make the whole flow of refrigerant entering the evaporator, there is no liquid industrial ice machine can return pipe and focus on the bottom of the condenser. If it is a high side float wear, it will be after sinking should all liquid refrigerant flowing into the evaporator blocked.

the floating ball on the low voltage side and high side float ball filled volume of the refrigerant system. For low voltage side float system, refrigerant charging excessive tend to the refrigerant liquid reflux into the pipe and condenser. If using high side float system, refrigerant charging too much can cause a refrigerant evaporator overflow.

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