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Cold water machine the adjustment of the refrigerant flow

Cold water machine ( Including air-cooled chiller, screw chiller) Between the actual operation process, the cooling capacity and load imbalance is an objective existence.

by adjusting the refrigerant circulation, cold water machine can achieve the goal of corresponding to the load adjustment methods there are many different kinds. For example, in terms of the compressor, which can adjust the energy, in terms of evaporator, mainly control the evaporation pressure adjustment for fluid volume.

by adjusting to the evaporator for fluid volume, ensure into the evaporation of liquid quantity per unit time is equal to the amount of refrigerant liquid load evaporate, it is cold water machine to normal essential for trouble-free operation. Otherwise, if the cold water machine evaporator for excessive fluid, breathe in the liquid, will damage the compressor, if cold water machine evaporator for fluid is insufficient, cause evaporator liquid deficiency, cold water machine device can not meet the specified technical requirements, cold water machine and even failure.
cold water machine evaporator load will change at any time, the device must have the ability to automatically adjust the industrial ice machine flow at any time, cold water machine evaporator forms and characteristics of the device is different, the industrial ice machine flow control element is different, common types include: manual expansion valve, capillary, various forms of automatic expansion valve, ( Such as constant pressure expansion valve thermal expansion valve, hot expansion valve, electronic expansion valve) , in addition to have a free liquid surface, full liquid type evaporator or other liquid storage container, with liquid level adjust the transmitting element with high-pressure float valve, low pressure float valve and liquid level controller.

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