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Cold water machine test and algorithms

1, the temperature is 5 degrees cold water machine, ( 20 degrees 15 degrees) , assume that a cold water machine per standard cold water machine traffic for 3 hours. Five cubic.

2, then you at an hour when the trial this cold water machine can not only see the flow of cold water machine, I want to watch temperature, you need to assume that you try from 28 degrees to the temperature of 7 degrees, if you try out cold water machine the temperature difference is very big, it can cut per hour of frozen water, from 3. Five cubic down to more than a cube. So if you need 3 per hour. Five cubic you are about to choose a larger aircraft.
3, in the hour of trial cold water machine, want to see you are direct cooling, or indirect cooling, direct cooling is directly into the water chillers, frozen water cooling inside out directly to the product of you need, so that better off, so the indirect cooling put water in the basin, for example, in a small basin, above the tub, put to the product of cooling in the small basin this end must be less, your hour in separator, must want to consider in this regard, property, cold water machine can cut a tiny water capital of China, it is significant for our country, in addition with the
for cold water machine can improve product molding and advance work efficiency can also advance the mechanical life, if test is a test room area or the entry of more need equipped with cold water machine, and is a high setting equipment placed rigorous type cold water machine, cold water machine at the moment and evil people mixed up in the market, choose a suitable own cold water machine should not be in the right, there is some user pool for cooling, this all owe good place: 1, the water quality is poorer, infarction mechanical water easily, cause greater loss. A tiny water 2, China capital, advance the user. 3 hour, weather, overheating, water temperature can not reach request, affect the product and efficiency
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