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Cold water machine technical articles - — Thermal conductivity

Chlorine and the adiabatic index is smaller than ammonia, industrial cold water machine exhaust temperature under high compression ratio is still very low, on the one hand, the compressor will not overheat, longevity, the other party lizard lubricating oil almost no damage, can use recycled directly to send the compressor crankshaft clamp, at the same time, don't have to worry about increasing suction temperature ( Suction temperature does not allow more than l5 ℃) Caused by the exhaust temperature too high therefore a regenerator freon refrigeration system is often used to improve the refrigeration efficiency. The regenerative cycle is freon system - T characteristics.

using heat exchanger to make into A forgive phase refrigerant of high temperature and high pressure in front of the expansion valve and the low temperature low pressure gas preparation, the evaporator heat exchange, overheat the supercooled liquid, gas refrigeration cycle known as regenerative cycle. From the refrigeration principle, when the dark before the expansion valve the liquid refrigerant with larger supercooling degree, can reduce the temperature of refrigerant before and after the throttle valve, thereby reduces the flash steam throttling after refrigerants, also achieved the purpose of reducing the loss of throttling. If throttle supercooled liquid in condenser or supercooler before, of course can make the circulation of refrigeration capacity and refrigeration coefficient increase, but for regenerative cycle t is accompanied by high pressure liquid refrigerant too cold at the same time, will lead to raise the temperature of low temperature gas refrigerants, thus it is difficult to judge due to the concave of the thermal cycle system application can improve the refrigerating capacity and refrigeration coefficient.

for refrigeration system using different refrigerants, after using regenerative cycle, their effects are also different, this is mainly related to the characteristics of the refrigerant. By calculation, whether for the current commonly used refrigerants, r114 fruit with regenerative cycle ling quantity and its unit volume system refrigeration coefficient were increased; Ammonia unit volume after using regenerative cycle refrigerating capacity and refrigeration coefficient instead; R22 is somewhere in between, the test showed that regenerative cycle is applied to R22 refrigeration system can result in unit volume fell slightly, refrigerating capacity and refrigeration coefficient and expansion valve before the cold liquid refrigerant every 1 ℃, unit mass refrigerating capacity net zero. Around 150, at the same time increase the regenerative cycle will increase heat exchange equipment and the corresponding line. Even so, but people still often in engineering application of regenerative cycle ( Of course does not exclude the special circumstances) Industrial cold water machine is mainly used for small tao, a cooling pack such systems commonly use direct expansion for more fluid.

regenerative cycle use, not only have the improve refrigerating capacity and refrigeration coefficient of refrigeration system, and eliminate the effect of harmful overheating. Liquid industrial ice machine in the evaporator heat evaporation after the formation of the refrigerant vapor in saturated state, when the flow in the muffler road to absorb heat, make oneself of the temperature, the formation of superheated steam, so that the power consumed by a refrigerator, the refrigeration coefficient of refrigeration system is reduced, this is the so-called harmful to overheat. Regenerative cycle using not only make the throttle valve in front of the liquid refrigerant reach too cold, also make the temperature of refrigerant gas, reducing the gas refrigerant of single gas temperature difference with the outside world, from the outside world greatly reduce heat, inhibit harmful to overheat. Also can prevent the compressor suction wet steam and wet compression.

with thermal cycle is applied to the compressor suction temperature is greatly increased, the exhaust temperature must also go higher. In order to prevent fluorine stab the decomposition and lubricating oil a lot of carbide, limited control of compressor gas superheat is very necessary, general suction temperature does not allow for more than 15 ℃.

coefficient of thermal conductivity and heat release

freon thermal conductivity and heat release coefficient is small, the refrigeration system hot transformation effect. So system equipment, metal copper pipes with heat conduction good performance, well heat exchange equipment of plate finned tube used to strengthen carry hot, while the evaporator using coiled coil with a certain length. Density

freon density is larger, which can cause increased flow resistance in the system, in order to reduce resistance, only expanding diameter reduced velocity: for evaporator evaporation area is larger, are made, the form of multiple pathways for ship line r use in liquid distributor to achieve uniform for liquid.
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