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Cold water machine system performance

The solution for the load when the refrigerant - Used to release solution should be installed at the top of the pump, to check its concentration of drainage kuo. Water as the medium, put cold directly by the expansion tank u to join, if take cold agent for solution should be release part of low concentration of solution, and then will be prepared in advance concentrated solution by expansion tank n join, until concentration meets the requirements.
the characteristics of the closed system.
(1) the top of the expansion water tank filled with ling agent, the whole system for liquid pipe of liquid column and total reflux pipe of liquid column is balanced, need not provide load cooling pump is used to overcome the fluid column pressure head, the head of the pump are used to overcome the system of the friction resistance, fierce the power consumption of industrial ice machine springs.
2. Part of the system is exposed to air is limited to the expansion water tank, which for some intensified after contact with air cooling load of the corrosion is very good, it can make the agent of metal corrosion is more severe cold area are limited to inflation in the box. Due to the expansion tank volume is small, so whatever the anti-corrosion measures, or replace the expansion tank is relatively easy. In addition, due to the less chance of cold agent is exposed to air, the concentration of the cold is not easy to change. (3) the whole system is under pressure to perform, among them a point of pressure changes would have influence on the whole system. In the large system and a lot of branches, such as large elevation difference under the condition of running, it is not easy to each point pressure stability, thus increasing the complexity of the design and operation adjustment.
(4) system for pressure is decided by the liquid column height of expansion tank, and the expansion of liquid level must be higher than the peak load ling jing system. Therefore, when the elevation difference is big, low under turn force is larger.
( 2)
open chiller system load in the cooling system have a communion with atmospheric cooling box or cold load of the distribution of circulation system known as open systems. According to the load distribution equipment of the evaporator and the cold cold jing if exposed to air is divided into three systems, namely full open systems, evaporative
open system, cold quantity distribution equipment open system.

we all open system take the open cooling overflow tank, wet cold dizzy distribution equipment system is called the open cooling system. All open type evaporator using water tank of the system, and its internal evaporation pipe group has vertical pipe type, v type and spiral tube type j, feed liquid way mostly by gravity and direct expansion type. Evaporation tube set for fluid volume is controlled by a float valve, muffler. Set a special small back gas barrels, tube under the group also has wrapped and tubing. It the principle of foot with agitator tank of industrial ice machine in the evaporation duct flow between groups, while carrying cold agent by the lower part of the tank and filter through south load derivation agent pump into the cooler.
full open systems commonly used in wet cooling fan or air conditioning system of water spray chamber. In wet cooling fan, cooling by air cooling machine of uniform is full of sprinkler on down, under the hot air blower from groundwater flow and the cooling agent You tap of heat exchange, maintain stability of the system, the system run for a long time.
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