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Cold water machine system operation and maintenance

Cold water machine operation process:
1, water chiller installation has been completed, must carry on the pipeline cleaning sewage, pressure leak detection, object completely, the cooling water and chilled water system commissioning work, everything is all right to open the unit after debugging and running.
2, cold water machine processing, the water quality in the cooling water and chilled water should be with high alkaline water will aggravate corrosion of copper tube, and reduce the service life of heat exchanger in, should make the system of water PH 7. 0 to 8. The range of 5.
3, cold water machine system operation:
a, cold water machine to before starting the unit power on not less than 12 hours.
b, water, cold water machine the unit open order: walden water pump & rarr; Open cooling water pump & rarr; Open the compressor;
c, air-cooled industrial ice machine open order: open the frozen water pump & rarr; Open the unit;
d unit, water, cold water machine shut down order: closed compressor & rarr; Closed cooling tower & rarr; Close cooling water & rarr; The frozen water pump;
e, air-cooled water authorities closed order: close the unit & rarr; Turn off the frozen water pump.
4, cold water machine, cold water temperature adjustments:
in the thermostat & other SET” Key once, the screen shows the current thermostat setting, at this time click the triangle up and down arrow keys on the thermostat is to adjust the thermostat setting, adjust good then press & other SET” The key to confirm the new thermostat setting. Pay attention to. Frozen water temperature can not be set too low, the low temperature will reduce the refrigeration efficiency of the unit, and may make alarm downtime, low temperature protection operation to the water temperature can be set to just below the required temperature, while operating adjustments when necessary, set according to the actual need to adjust the water temperature.
5 after boot, cold water machine, the unit is equipped with high and low pressure gauge as observable high and low pressure index, the unit is operating normally, the normal operation of the high pressure for 12 ~ 18 kg/cm2. Low pressure for 3 ~ 6 kg/cm2.
6, air-cooled chiller boot should see fan turned to whether it is right, such as forward can be switched on, inversion power supply connection reverse phase, phase sequence must be replaced for the launch.
7, have the various protection its setting of the chiller plants has been set, users do not arbitrarily change.
8, industrial ice machine failure alarm when stop, first press the stop button of the unit ( Alarm lamp will put out) And then check the cause of the problem in fault has not ruled out former shall not be forcibly boot operation.
9, cold water machine without emergency shall not be by cutting off the main power supply unit to shut down; If the unit in winter to stop using for a long time, the first shut down the unit, and then shut down the main power supply, and the water is put in the system.
10, cold water machine to keep the room clean and well ventilated, condenser cleaning on a regular basis in addition to engine-grease work, guarantee the stability of the unit normal work. Machine maintenance knowledge

cold water 1 confidential keep the cooling water tower, cold water is clean, the air circulation around and keep the water tower, low temperature, avoid debris into the cooling tower to reduce the cooling efficiency.
2, air-cooled chiller please keep clean, cold water machine the cooling coil surface to ensure the surrounding air circulation, low temperature, regular cleaning the fouling on the coil, in order to ensure good heat transfer effect.
3, cold water machine such as cold water machine has been used for more than six months, or high/low voltage switch often fails, or refrigeration capacity to reduce, please arrange the staff to clean the condenser. If in accordance with the above instructions to repair for many times, cold water machine malfunction alarm {still Sirens} , it will arrange personnel to repair.

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