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Cold water machine system high side by capillary system design consideration and use of the note

Cold water machine system high side by capillary system design consideration and use of the note that should be carefully designed, avoiding excessive water chiller condenser effusion. If the condenser effusion is overmuch, can make the evaporator liquid quantity is insufficient, to this kind of problem of the volume can take advantage of the reduced pressure test method to improve, so that you can only use a small amount of refrigerant to improve the exhaust pressure, equilibrium conditions. But on the other hand, have to estimate in order not to make the high load when condensing pressure, this often is must provide adequate fluid volume. Therefore, cold water machine high side total volume to comprehensive consideration of middle value, in addition, cold water machine high side total volume also can hold down system down all filling the industrial ice machine in the system, to prevent capillary obstruction is, compressor liquid strike damage.

in the way of intermittent start-stop devices, during the outage industrial ice machine will be through the capillary flow from high voltage side to low voltage side until achieve pressure balance, the whole system to consider in the design of cold water machine system during the fluid pipe, can be smoothly to capillary drainage, or if there is liquid on the high side, when stop effusion will evaporate, warm steam into the low voltage side, and condensed in the evaporator, will add to the evaporator of latent heat, high side effusion also will extend the pressure balance after downtime, the time required, balance time is too long, the compressor may be has not yet been fully under the condition of unloading through to start again.

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