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Cold water machine supporting the use of cooling tower water loss problem

Because of the use of cooling tower performance will directly affect the specific performance of a cold water machine, so the cooling tower in daily maintenance, maintenance and testing is very important. Due to the cooling tower water cycle affected, there are all kinds of failure to the cold water machine supporting the use of cooling tower water loss problem. Often in cooling tower water loss problem: the wind loss, evaporation loss and pollution damage.

1, the loss of or damage to the wind:

the cooling tower in actual use process, because of the cold water vendors would design problem, everyday will be the wind loss problem, the so-called mainly refers to the natural environment in the wind, the wind loss to exclude the cooling tower air blow out the outside of the cooling water tower, cause the effect that were moved, because the wind damage can be avoided, so with the help of a professional equipment to reduce wind damage, in order to well guarantee the cooling tower at a higher running state, reduce the loss of the whole.

2, evaporation losses:

the evaporation loss situation here is normal, only a small range of evaporation loss, especially wet cooling tower evaporation loss is inevitable, according to the daily need to focus on a specific loss, if the loss is too big, need to cause the attention of the industrial ice machine unit using, avoid to cause greater losses.

3, blowdown cost:

to keep the inside of the cooling tower water is in a state of relatively clean, in use after a period of time, in view of the drainage operation at the bottom of the cooling tower will be comprehensive, in the process of sewage, inevitably leads to the loss of a large amount of water, even so, as long as able to keep the quality of the internal space of water, sewage water loss of basic is negligible.

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