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Cold water machine, suction valve lift unloading

Compressor during operation, if a suction valve from its seat lift cylinder, the cylinder will immediately stop mercury, absorption into the cylinder steam will also be a rise in the suction side of the piston back system, and is under the conditions of no resistance to mercury industrial ice machine back to the suction side of the system, and so it does not require energy, in addition to the above outside closed suction in the case of compressor power consumption reduction, will be another advantage of the suction valve lift is: steam entering the cylinder containing lubricating oil. Even if the cylinder is not involved in mercury vapour, he still can be sufficient lubrication to the cylinder.

the unloading compressor can also through the steam to return to the cylinder method to do this, but this is not to lower power consumption, so it has no practical significance. When mercury vapor from the low voltage side of the system has been constantly to the high side, although can achieve the purpose of unloading, but due to the hot steam compression, tend to overheat the cylinder.

in addition to outside the cylinder unloading, cooling water machine for reciprocating compressor with a number of small power structure of the compressor is exactly the same. Most of the above 5 HP compressor are equipped with pressure lubrication system, the compressor lubrication for the required pressure from the installation of the compressor shaft end and the drive shaft oil drainage. This oil to steam pressure mercury from tank inhalation of lubricating oil, and lubricating oil for more than 30 - inspiratory pressure 60 psig pressure into the compressor each bearing, inspiratory pressure higher than that of the part is called the net oil pressure. Usually these compressor has no oil pressure can be automatically shut down when abnormal pressure safety device, the hydraulic safety device about 90 seconds of delay. If during this period the compressor can't start, is unable to establish the corresponding oil pressure, automatically shut down the compressor after 90 seconds.

inverter driven mainly by the method of electronic circuit to change the sine wave frequency ac circuit, it is using the so-called frequency converter to change frequency, the compressor motor by changing its speed to change its capacity, without having to constantly closed compressor operation.

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