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Cold water machine start compressor parts winding method

When the cold water machine has reached around 25 HP compressor motor power, manufacturers use part of the winding to start motor. Universal motor generally have nine stitches. The same motor can be used for two different power supply voltage. This is actually a dual function motor motor. When connected 208/230 v power supply, the two electric motors in parallel, every aspect of the electric motor respectively, first start an electric motor, and then another. Starts when the first electric motor and the motor shaft can begin turning, then start the second electric motor, compressor speed up to full speed, depending on the rated speed of the motor, the speed of 1800 RPM and 3600 RPM, due to the electric motor of the electric motor shaft is in running state, this time the impact of the current is very small, so the power supply way always just 50 HP motor produced by the impact of the current.

when motor used in the 460 v power supply, two motor series, on both ends of the power cord as an electric motor startup. The higher the voltage, the impact of the cold water machine the compressor start current is smaller, at around 150 HP compressor can be seen on the connection of the motor.

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