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Cold water machine, screw chillers

Screw chillers - Screw chillers
- screw chillers for its moment components Shorten the machine adopts screw so screw water chiller, unit by state for the gas refrigerant evaporator; By shortening the machine adiabatic shorten, back into the low temperature low pressure state. Be shortened after gas refrigerant in the condenser, isobaric cooling condensation, after condensation changes into liquid industrial ice machine, then through waste oil low pressure valve, gas and liquid with compound. The low temperature low pressure liquid industrial ice machine, receive the heat of cold material in the evaporator, from the gaseous refrigerant. Gaseous refrigerant pipelines into the shorten the machine from the ground up, preliminary new cycle. This is the four refrigeration cycle process. Also is the important work of screw chillers things.
screw chiller operating
the power of screw chillers and controlled vortex type of relatively large, important or large property cooling in air conditioning system operating on core.
the classification of screw chillers
screw chillers comply with the heat dissipation of differences can be divided into water cooled screw chiller and air cooled screw chiller.
product selection points
1. Screw water chiller important control parameter for the refrigeration coefficient of performance, additional refrigerating capacity, input power and the industrial ice machine type, etc.
2. The selection of water chiller shall comply with the cooling load and useless to consider. Operating condition for low load moment longer refrigeration system, appropriate chooses the nose more piston shorten units or screw type units, easy to adjust and energy-saving.
3. When choosing water chillers, give priority to the higher coefficient of performance of units. Comply with the material statistics, individual chiller under 100% load running time throughout the year accounted for about a quarter of the total elapsed time. Total elapsed time by 100%, 75%, 50%, 25% load the runtime of birds, the ratio of 2. 3%, 41. 5%, 46. 1% and 10. 1%. Is that priority should be given when choosing chiller efficiency curve flat model of the fighting strength. At the same time, should be considered when designing selection of chiller load adjust size. More head screw water chiller performance is splendid, partial load could be selected to observe the real picture.
4. When choosing water chillers, should face up to the conditions of the nominal working condition. The reality of the chiller refrigerating effect is related to the following components: a) Cold water temperature and flow rate; b) Cooling water inlet temperature and flow rate and the coefficient of dirt.
5. When choosing water chillers, should face up to the scale of the normal work of the model unit, if the main motor current limit is nominal working condition of the current value of the shaft power.
6. Should face up to in the design selection: under nominal working condition of flow rate, outlet temperature of cold water should not exceed 15 ℃, the outdoor dry bulb temperature of air cooling unit should not exceed 43 ℃. If must exceed the size, body odor is promised to shorten the machine's operation scale, the main motor power is not enough.
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