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Cold water machine requirement for cooling water

The rise of temperature of the cooling water 4 - in general 6℃。 The ammonia condenser cooling water flow velocity is called take 5-0 1. 5 m/s, the average heat transfer temperature difference is 5 ℃, the heat transfer coefficient is 698 - 930℃) , the heat load of unit area for 5 W/mz freon ling condenser cooling water flow rate generally take 18 to 30 m/s, the average heat transfer temperature difference is 7 ℃, coefficient of heat transfer from 930 to 593 W/( 2℃) 。

the advantage of horizontal tube and shell condenser is: compact structure, cover an area of an area small; Velocity of the water in the heat exchange tube is higher, so the heat transfer coefficient is larger; The rise of temperature of the cooling water is bigger, so the cooling water consumption is small. Horizontal tube and shell condenser fault is: water resistance; Clean the dirt is not convenient, equipment need to stop T to clean; Requirement of cooling water quality is better. Casing heat exchanger

casing condenser is composed of two or more different diameter of pipe set in & middot; The composition of. Some casing heat exchanger r the save space, the set of the tube plate together into a circular or elliptic coil. At present, the casing condenser is mainly used in small freon refrigerating unit. Figure 6 3 for a casing structure of condenser and physical photos. Refrigeration vapor from the top of casing pipe condenser, pipe, the outer surface of condensed liquid, the liquid outer tube along the tube at the bottom of the radial flow down, flowing from the lower end of the casing pipe condenser into the accumulator. The condenser cooling water from the bottom of casing heat exchanger in turn upward mobility, contrary to the direction of industrial ice machine flow, so can achieve ideal counterflow heat transfer. Due to the flow of water in the tube is longer, so the cooling water in and out of the r] The temperature difference is bigger, da 8℃。 Its heat transfer coefficient is bigger, when the water velocity at 2 m/s, its heat transfer coefficient is 200 ℃

bushing condenser is: the advantages of compact structure, simple manufacture, good heat transfer. Casing condenser fault is: resistance on either side of the cooling water and cooling jing are larger; Per unit volume of heat exchange area is small, so the metal consumption is larger; To scale cleaning is not convenient, to water quality request is higher.
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