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Cold water machine purchase knowledge

Food property with cold water machine, cold water machine used in all kinds of food fast cooling after heating, request to share into the cans and bottles, and there are all kinds of fermented foods need differences of cooling at a constant temperature fermentation, forward of fermentation products, ensure quality of fermentation, as well as dominating in the pharmaceutical industry, chemical property refrigeration equipment.
control machine tools, coordinate boring machine, grinding machine, processing focus with cold water machine, combination machine tools and various rigorous machine: dominating in several main shaft and hydraulic system transmission medium cooling and satiny can precisely control the oil temperature, usefully cutting machine tool thermal deformation, advance the machining accuracy of machine tools.
with cold water machine, grinding machine industry three-roll machine in the grinding process, due to the molecular structure of temperature change, high temperature affects the quality of the raw materials, production efficiency, to equipment badly worn. The cooling of optimal weaknesses weaknesses: good cooling time is short, the end; Weaknesses weaknesses need to do is evaporator anticorrosive freedom ( The individual USES titanium alloy , in the evaporator fouling easily, need to regular cleaning, otherwise affect the cooling end and mechanical operation. The notice the following: cold water machine evaporator coil type, is a dry type water tank, when cold water machine stop work, pump pressure, the water level of the individual is higher than the cold water machine, sink at this point, the water will sink back into the water tank in the cold water machine, cold water machine water tank overflow caused by water. 一个。 Direct cooling: plating solution directly through process filter or filter into the freezer evaporator temperature oxidation groove again. Dominating the circulation cooling control temperature, cold water machine can greatly across the production and the breakage of the cutting equipment. Advance the efficiency of the mechanical satiny cutting wear and mechanical life.
the electronic industry, ultrasonic cleaning machine with cold water, cold water machine cooling constant the molecular structure of the electronic components inside on the production line, the qualification rate of forward electronic components, can land cleaning agent, temperature, condensation gas cleaning agent, useful to prevent the volatilization of cleaning agent.
extrusion wire rod and pump with cold water machine: grain industry is more, the sink is a dry type container, so, we are equipped with cold water machine, to face up to a bit, property of cold water machine evaporator, should choose the shell and tube type, not to choose coil type. Cooling water in low pressure water pump is essential to the ionization source of cooling channel cooling ionization source.
with cold water machine, vacuum ion plating industry ionization source heating when he worked in the initial start-up, runtime to cooling, cooling system failure will result in ionization source of damage. B。 Indirect cooling: oxidation groove in the shop to buy titanium tube, titanium process of chilled water through a pipe away crossing the fluid heat cooling principle; If spread titanium tube find it hard to add a heat exchanger ( Need to be made of titanium alloy) While frozen water solution. 。
with electroplating electroplating industry cold water machine: electroplate liquid cooling, the metal, nonmetal molecules remains the same. Cold water machine the metal elements with the same general situation of the current rapid stick attached plating parts, increase the density of plating pieces and satiny, shortening the period of electroplating, advance the quality, and can be usefully received from all kinds of cheap chemicals, refrigeration equipment in the same way and also used for vacuum coating property. Plastic with cold water machine, plastic industry, plastic processing machinery molding mold cooling, to big fierce forward plastics profile roughness, cut plastic profile lines mark and internal stress, don't make the product shrink, deformation, is advantageous for the plastic mold release, accelerate product to finalize the design, thereby greatly advance the production of plastic molding machine efficiency. Shell and tube type the differences, the evaporator is a closed loop, there won't be the problem of water in overflow problem problems problems problems problems problem problem issues. The most important person of enron employees
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