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Cold water machine pressure controller is good or bad influence on its quality

Cold water machine according to the control pressure of high and low pressure controller, is divided into high pressure controller, low pressure controller. If there is no installation pressure controller, cold water machine can make water industrial ice machine has no control of the pressure protection function, make the industrial ice machine system in case of pressure is too high or too low continued to run the damage caused thereby.

cold water pressure controller function is mainly to avoid cold water machine the system of compressor exhaust pressure appear too high or too low suction pressure, can effectively control the start and stop of unit, protection cold water machine parts or the whole of the system not be damaged. So the stand or fall of pressure controller, thus affect the quality of the cold water machine.

cold water machine pressure controller is controlled by the pressure switch, pressure relay, it is set to make off contact pressure value, the control of cutting off the compressor power, the pressure control values the work requirements of the device according to the set. Cold water machine pressure controller can be used as protective controller or two position controller.

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