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Cold water machine operation steps

Because of the cold water machine operation problem of cold water machine fault.

the operation of the cold water machine are divided into two steps, is to start the waterway system, and then start the refrigeration system. If error is it easy to frosty evaporator, resulting in water cooling system, so that the entire refrigeration system crash. Common cold water machine the evaporator coil type and plate in type, coil type is commonly inside the water tank, water tank will have low water level alarm function. So even the problems of operation steps, cold water machine will alarm. For the plate in the fission of water chillers, proper operation steps, there is relatively more important. When the customer doesn't read instructions, will start the refrigeration unit at startup or shut off water when closing system, thus it is easy to make plate in frost crack, causing serious losses. Read the instructions carefully before use machine, so proper operation steps of industrial ice machine is very important.
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