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Cold water machine operating mode and technical parameters

Cold water machine the refrigeration operation conditions: general with the temperature of the cooling water and chilled water in and out of the water. Cold water machine refrigeration operation condition is usually standard: import and export of chilled water temperature 12/7 ℃, cooling water in and out of the water temperature 32/37 ℃. Some cold water machine imported units may change.

cold water machine the other technical parameters, such as refrigerating capacity: water chiller under standard conditions in running full cold output, is the main technical indicators of water chiller capacity size.

cold water machine use industrial ice machine: usually with R22, R123, everything, etc. The R22 substitutes, calls on the international high are: united signal company azeotrope AZ20 ( Number: R410A or R410B) ; The United States dupont of azeotrope SUVA9000 British ICI company's non azeotropic mixture KIea66 ( Number: R407C) ; Japan daikin of azeotrope HFC32 / HFC134a, etc.

the cold cold water machine the adjusting range, usually expressed as percentage of refrigerating capacity in standard conditions.

industrial ice machine power input: compression type refers to the compressor power electrode; Absorption refers to the machine within the sum of all kinds of the electrode power of the pump.

chiller water head loss: the point at which the cooling water and cold water through the condenser and evaporator of resistance.

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