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Cold water machine open system

The characteristics of the open type cold water machine system.
(1) system of industrial ice machine filling amount is larger, the temperature of the cooling load in the process of cooling less volatile, and therefore has good thermal stability.
2. Due to the load of the system for cold box thorn, cold storage container and wet evaporator is in open state, thus facilitating examination
cold agent concentration and supplement the lack of industrial ice machine.
(3) in the system load cooling pump head is not only used to overcome the frictional resistance of pipeline, but also overcome the pressure drop of liquid column height,
so large energy consumption of cooling pump.
4. Open system cooling load of the opportunity to contact with the atmosphere is more, in the cooling load of dissolved oxygen quantity is larger, so the system
the possibility of pipeline and equipment corrosion is larger, at the same time due to absorb moisture from the air, will reduce the cooling agent concentration, so the
should be added load cooling on a regular basis.
(5) in the capacity of a larger system, due to the Settings used to adjust cooling agent load cooling storage box, thereby increasing the
area and the initial investment in addition, a return to net load cooling is to rely on gravity pool or carrying cold storage box, so its position must be low
in all of the cooler.
the third defrosting system and oil

a, defrosting system when the evaporator surface temperature is less than the cooling air dew point, moisture in the air in the evaporator surface condensation or
frost. Frost on the evaporator of the heat transfer performance, has a great impact on the aerodynamic performance. But in a different evaporator structure, different
air relative humidity and air velocity, influence degree is not the same. At the beginning of the rT of evaporator, because
surface frost formed by sparse and coarse, and frost reduce air flow area, air flow speed,
the performance of heat transfer in the evaporator must improve. But as the frost layer thickening and dense degree of increase, not only the sharp drop in that heat transfer coefficient and resistance to the flow of air
also increased significantly.
since the frost layer on the surface of the evaporator for its teaching can have such a big impact, in some way on a regular basis to remove the frost layer is
10 points necessary. At present the defrosting method mainly has the following several kinds.
(1) to suspend the cycle defrost. When the evaporator surface frost layer thicker, closed to the evaporator for fluid, in the small device can stop
check compressor operation, let the natural evaporator temperature defrosting method. This way of melting Jiang applies only to intermittent use of small
the refrigeration device.
2. Artificial cream. Don't stop working in the evaporator, with broom sweep to loose the surface of the evaporator frosting.
only used in food cold storage of smooth wall exhaust pipe and the top row. The defrosting method is simple, effective and does not affect the warehouse temperature, but the law
dynamic strength big, thick frost could not clear.
(3) to defrost. Electric heater and steam heater or warm water heating defrosting. The defrosting method is only used for evaporation tubes of the
the air cooler. Heating pipe is set in the evaporator pipe group or a tray at the bottom of the air cooler. Considering the efficiency
t electric heating defrosting is mainly used in the system temperature above - ling 18 C small refrigeration device of air cooling machine. This way of defrosting
large energy consumption and electric heater for a long time use rent is easy to cause fire. With the power should be based on the evaporation tube electric heater group table
the possible thickness of frosting and defrosting time interval. The average estimated power press iOOW/m. Sure, the frost layer thickness control
within 5 mm.
(4) water defrosting. With warm water Ze sprinkled the outer surface of the evaporator frosting, due to the heat of the evaporator absorbs water melted the frost.
it is mainly used for evaporation tubes of evaporator of relatively concentrated, this way of defrosting is characterized by easy operation, fast defrost, but defrosting
process is often caused by spraying water water pans spillover or spill, and fog phenomenon caused by high temperature. Accumulated in the lubricating oil in steaming
hair cannot be ruled out. Unless set special sleeve facilities.
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