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Cold water machine open study

School many open research topic, like preparation, cold water machine industry also has a lot of open research topic, can be derived, and can be extended to many in the industry, can also be refined, accurate to a lot of data. The effect of the open research, are returning to provide the use of cold water machine, and user experience.

is preparing conception and design of classroom teaching. In a sense, a lesson will go into what to prepare. Teachers should have such idea: in preparing not helpful for teachers to teach, how to design and should look to help students learn how to design. This requires teachers to the design of classroom teaching, open. To the active participation of students in the prominent position, create a let students autonomous learning environment.

I try to change the teacher preparation for teachers and students to plan lessons together. Divided the students into several groups, each group choose a team leader, team leader and to determine the problem of this section to master teachers. Such as & other; Chemical reaction throughout the energy change &; Section, content and very close to the life, many students have the perceptual cognition. We put forward the following problems: the energy change of chemical reaction, the choice of fuel burn adequately, family, etc. By the team leader & other; Command & throughout; Team members to prepare. Students actively participate in, using various means to look up information. Some find in books and others on the Internet to find, and students to the society & other; Search & throughout; 。 I pay for students to & other; Lesson plan & throughout; For examination and approval, featured, ready for the class. What is learned in the preparation process, is unmatched by simply listening to a lesson. The students said: & other; So, we really become the master of learning throughout the &; 。

cold water machine research direction will always be on the basis of sharing, to improve the use of cold water machine, on the basis of the use, improve the innovation of the industrial ice machine. Looking for shortcomings in practice, in an open environment, common combination, so as to achieve the purpose of a rising tide lifts all boats. To promote the progress of an industry, is from the pursuit of the industry, became the pursuit of life. From the pursuit of the cold water machine technology, become the pursuit of academic progress.

the importance of open research, exchange, is a bold vision, is a common combination, together is progress. Way, accompany with you.
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