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Cold water machine mechanical and electrical motor overload protection device

Cold water machine mechanical and electrical motor overload protection device, all motor must have corresponding overload protection. Must not be allowed in the case of higher than the full load current of the motor run for a long time, otherwise it will lead to motor damage because of the motor winding fever. Different motor will have different types of protection device. The small capacity below 100 HP motor overload protection way done in this paper.

used for large capacity centrifugal industrial ice machine compressor screw chillers or mechanical and electrical overload protector is usually relatively simple buffer type overload protection device. The device is based on electromagnetism principle: if coil core, when in the coil current, the core will move. For buffer type overload protector, so long as has the current through the coil on the core, can make the core moving up.

high power motor overload protector downtime set generally 105% of the motor full load current. If a motor 200 amp rated current, then the overload protection device of tripping value should be 210 amps, at the same time should be allowed on the current motor running for a few minutes, in order to avoid unnecessary tripping outage. These motors have the load limit the current value of the motor, thus, if can limit device under normal play, then the current value of the motor is not long time beyond the set value, that is to be shut down by overload protector, so under normal circumstances, the current of the motor should not be greater than the full load current value.

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