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Cold water machine maintenance

Our refrigeration equipment ( Cold water machine) And people need maintenance, maintenance, it can more effectively play their functions.

in some ash layer more environment, cold water machine in use after a period of time, we will find that have noise, cold water machine parts on a lot of grey layer which is a common phenomenon, cold water machine to use at this time, cold water machine need our services for it.

in the first place, cold water machine is to provide equipment of cold energy to the outside world, in other words, is to take heat away, so the cold water machine ventilated environment is very important. Cold water machine the water cycle is a simple process, simple process, however, we should pay attention to the details of the use, cold water machine before the ventilation hood if filled with dust, will affect our loss of heat, cold water machine once the heat affected, will directly lead to the cold water machine and a sharp fall in the effect of the refrigeration, if we don't regularly remove ash layer, not in time on the one hand, will affect the cooling effect, on the other hand lead to burn out of internal parts. A lot of cold water machine in use after a period of time, refrigeration result is bad is basic it is caused by this.

second, 20 degrees Celsius temperature is just suitable for our strong growth of microorganism, we sometimes when use cold water machine is control at 20 degrees Celsius, the temperature of the large number of microorganisms associated with our water cycle, attach some microorganisms on our filter plate, cause water, cold water machine to produce a lot of noise. Even some microorganisms attached heat exchanger in the cold water machine, cold water machine the refrigeration effect is very poor.

combined with the two points, I must be cooling water machine for regular maintenance, timely clean dust and sundries in the cold water machine, so that our water industrial ice machine can guarantee in all aspects of the function, it can maintain the normal operation.

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