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Cold water machine lubricating oil

In the compression type cold water machine ( In addition to the centrifugal water closed) The refrigerant and compressor oil contact. The solubility is an important issue. The problem of machinery and equipment in the system operating characteristics and process design system are affected.

industrial ice machine and oil solubility is divided into finite solution and completely dissolved two cases. Completely dissolved, refrigerant and lubricant will blend with solution. Finite solution, a mixture of refrigerant and oil will appear obvious stratification: a layer of boundary layer, another layer of rich oil reservoir.

solubility with temperature, thus limited dissolved completely dissolved can mutual transformation.

liquid ammonia and lubricating oil is a typical limited dissolved substances. By refrigerant winds oil drops of oil, oil return is good or bad depends on the air velocity and oil viscosity, refrigerant more soluble oil, liquid ammonia solubility in the lubricating oil is not more than 1%. Liquid ammonia lighter than oil, mixture stratified, so you can easily from the lower oil extract ( Oil or oil) 。

if freon refrigerant differential soluble oily, leads to a variety of adverse. Because of freon generally heavier than oil, produce delamination, writing for the boundary layer. Will appear when the content of refrigerant in the oil pool and lower as the boundary layer, in this way, for full liquid type evaporator, oil floats on top and cause oil return difficult; In addition, the lower part of the reservoir will affect the evaporation of the refrigerant. For dry evaporator refrigerant is in tube along the evaporation, the easier it will be back to compressor oil. For crusher, runtime crankcase at high temperature low pressure, oil on the bottom, the refrigerant solubility in the oil; Outage pressure balance, it will cause the oil pump suction pipe for boundary of liquid, lead to compressor oil supply is not sufficient, affect the lubrication and safe operation.

requirements used in freon industrial ice machine and refrigerant solubility good lubricating oil. Soluble oil is considered a decision system characteristics of refrigerant and the service life of machine crucial question. Traditional freon refrigeration oil for alkyl benzene oil, but this kind of oil does not contain chlorine freon refrigerant solubility is very poor. At present, in the replacement of refrigerant must be updated accordingly lubricating oil. Current research suggests that for a new frozen oil and HFC refrigerant solubility with ester lubricants is best, followed by the polyene alcohol lubrication oil and amino.
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