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Cold water machine load limit device

Load limit equipment have to use the operator to industrial ice machine unit in artificial drop charge state run function. Normally, for screw water chillers, the load can be in 10% 100%, any change for centrifugal industrial ice machine, the capacity of the adjusting range is 20% 100%.

most of the structure of the power consumption are based on a monthly time period, usually for 15 Within 30 minutes maximum power flow calculation. Although people always hold most of the power company to the user of the actual power consumption and user meters measuring power settlement charge, but anyway, whenever possible, run under the below user pricing power equipment should be a reasonable approach. For example, if a building at the end of the month for a few days do not need refrigeration, but operators launch units and units in a state run at full capacity, make the whole building's temperature drops rapidly, so this is to think is to electric power company in improving user on the number of meters, finally, building in the middle of the management company will pay seems to be a whole month full load operation of the electricity. The excess part of electricity can make through the operator units under unloading condition to start the units, and with a long time to cool the building method to be saved.

load limit device Settings for motor full load current. For example, suppose a motor full load current of 200 amps, then unloading limit device value is not greater than the motor full load current value, which is 200 amperes.

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