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Cold water machine leakage problems and solutions

Cold water machine are divided into water leakage, leakage of industrial ice machine leakage, etc. , these problems can let users headaches, use not convenient. Actually this is also related to the use of cold water machine daily maintenance.

a, leaking problem

1, cold water machine in the operation of the refrigeration, leakage mainly for pipe connecting parts, no connection is good, and the pipe joint damage

2, and water tank leaking problems of pump itself. Leakage of industrial ice machine ( Often said that the fluorine) leakage Problems

& other; Touch & throughout; Touch cold water condensing shutter door machine behind with the hand, if the temperature is not cold or feel no heat, and the compressor are still at work, that has run the fluorine.

  “ See & throughout; In refrigeration state, adjust the temperature controller, which set the temperature of the 6 ℃ lower than the room temperature to 8 ℃, run after 15 minutes, the indoor machine hydraulic tube ( The copper pipe is fine) , should be no frost phenomenon, otherwise, the machine has a leak fluorine fault. Brass connector whether have oil stains, if there is oil stains, also showed that fluorine leakage phenomenon.

  “ The ear & throughout; If it is found that the compressor has been working in the boot, no downtime, the voice of the compressor from the earthquake is larger than new purchase, may be caused by leakage fluorine abnormal sound.

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