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Cold water machine is faulty causes and treatment methods

Cold water machine is faulty produce general because of the cold water machine inside may appear serious pollution, or cold water machine use fixed number of year long operation in moist environment, and so on. At this point the need for effective cleaning, to maintain the safe and efficient operation of the industrial ice machine and prolong its life.

cold water machine is faulty generally has the following several reasons, everybody can consult, if the problem can be substantiated solution:

1, cold water machine ventilation, temperature and humidity is too big, cause mould to multiply, produce kegare taste;

cold water machine can produce a lot of heat when running at high speed, if there are a lot of easy corrosion of material in the environment, under the stimulus of high temperature will produce serious odor problems, and the smell as the air transmission range is very large, lead to the cold water machine running environment is relatively bad.

2, there is no change in time lead to circulating cooling water industrial ice machine tank caused by the microorganism fermentation;

for the above reasons, cold water machine needs to be put in the position of the ventilation, usually need to pay attention to the maintenance of cold water machine, in addition to pay attention to the clean water, add cold water machine filter device can reduce the odor.

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