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Cold water machine instructions

1, mechanical installation of French example

2. 1 installation time checking machine whether is damaged, please choose the right place, in order to facilitate installation and maintenance.

  2. 2 install the floor must be, installation of the unit pad or root, the degree of its degrees in 6. Of less than 4 mm and can run a unit of weight.

  2. 3 units should be put in room temperature for 4. 4 - 43. 3 ℃ within the room, the sides of the unit and above should have enough space, thou for broad work.

  2. 4 at one end of the unit should be set aside the cleaning condenser control suction tube space, also can take over the doorway or other suitable position hole.

  2. 5 choose appropriate diameter of the pipe, the maximum power of runtime and cold water system, cooling system and adjacent.

  2. 6 for popular dominating place, through the process of evaporator and condenser water flow speed promised in 1. 0 - 3. Between 6 m/s.

  2. 7 under any load landscape image, the water flow should be link remains the same.

  2. 8 all chilled water and cooling water piping design and installation shall be compiled according to the practice of frozen water pump on the inlet pipe of the unit, in order to ensure positive pressure and flow rate within the unit. Piping should be set when the damping tube in order to ensure the proper elasticity, prevent when the pump stop evaporator water is drained.

  2. 9 pipe should be self-reliance in the property of the chiller in secure message, to prevent the stress exerted on the property of the chiller parts. Set up to facilitate pipe hanger.

  2. 10 to reduce noise and vibration, the best vibration isolator installed in the pipeline.

  2. 11 for economic usefully monopolizing property industrial ice machine, advocating freedom of water, please expert differentiation of evaporator and condenser water supply water quality, owe good quality will cause fouling influence heat transfer, or cause erosion sediment and organic matter, breeding, influences the performance of the unit, thou growth and operation capability.

  2. 12 individuals, the water cut is freedom and regulation of regular cleaning can connect the wonderful performance, if the existing water quality conditions can't use the proper preparation of modified, then consider promised controls is larger dirt coefficient or designated special structural materials.

  2. 13 please add filters, the entrance of the pipe and clearing on a regular basis.

  2. 14 leakage test, after the end of all mouth must be rust freedom.

  2. 15 thou to facilitate broad work, users can use the following ( Or for the entire quantity) Preparation:

a) The pressure gauge and globe valve with the cock can be installed on the import and export of the cooling water and chilled water pipe, as far as possible to the brink of property water chillers;

b) Equipment can be set up above the crane rail and beam so as to facilitate maintenance.
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