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Cold water machine installation location

For cold water machine installation location suggestion, according to the design or customer's requirement, equipment is installed in a special room near or on the workshop process equipment. Main installation location selection according to size and cooling refrigerating capacity to points to.
a, according to the refrigerating capacity of the industrial ice machine points:
1. 1 industrial ice machine refrigerating capacity greater than or equal to more than 20 HP, can choose to install the equipment in engine room, the equipment volume is bigger, plus the system of water pump, water tank, etc. , accounts for a larger space. Main specialized computer room installation.
  1. 2 cold water machine the capacity is less than 20 HP, if there is a position production workshop, can put the equipment installed directly in the workshop, close to the equipment location, rely on a wall or on the column Angle, can save pipeline and equipment room.
2, according to the cold water machine cooling way. 1 if it is cold water machine, air cooled in principle cannot be installed directly next to the production equipment, because of air-cooled heat transfer of hot air, directly in the workshop, there is a requirement for temperature and humidity of air conditioning effect is larger, and even if the temperature and humidity is not request, will also affect the workers work environment temperature. So generally are installed in the ventilation good room or outside.
  2. 2 if it is water cooled cold water machine, cold quantity and composite of above, can be installed directly in the production workshop, because of the way of heat transfer through the pipe loop closed system, the relatively small impact on the environment temperature and humidity, etc.

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