Cold water machine installation considerations

by:CBFI     2020-10-12
Cold water machine installation notice:

1 unit, using field should level off is smooth in order to reduce vibration. Otherwise may cause cold water machine malfunction, or damage to the crew.

2, equipment not near combustible and flammable objects, otherwise may cause fire.

3, the unit using the environment requires the cooling ventilation space not less than 500 mm, the environment temperature should be less than 32 ℃, otherwise it will affect the cooling effect or cause malfunction. The outlet of the
4, cold water machine should be connected to heating equipment of water inlet and the outlet of the heating device should be connected to the inlet cold water machine, otherwise unable to achieve the refrigeration effect, may cause equipment failure.
5, in the cold water machine, water to remove the cooling circulating water on the cover, then remove the water tank cover, fill the tank to tank cover 2 - distance 3 cm.

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