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Cold water machine industry application of injection molding machine

Injection molding industry is the industry must use cold water machine, for is the opportunities and challenges, the coming seven years, ups and downs, also accumulated a lot of experience, for plastics industry have their own views. Now, to analyze the situation of the injection molding industry.

say injection molding industry first, after heated to melt the plastic injection mold, condensation, after open mold ejection molding plastic parts, there are needed in the process of continuous production of mold cooling, to shorten the plastic cement setting time, improve the dimensional precision of workpiece, forming quality and surface quality.

and the role of the cold water machine is rapidly make mold cooling, reduce plastic products surface grain mark and internal stress, don't make products to shrink, deformation, is advantageous for the plastic mold release, accelerate product, thus greatly improve the efficiency of the production of plastic molding machine, plastic products surface finish.

air-cooled chiller use fan cooling, users only need to connect the power, through to import and export of water pipes can be put into use. But one thing, the wind cold water machine, if installed in indoor, so it is emissions in indoor heat out of the wind, so have requirements for the environment. Water cooled chiller is the use of cooling towers and cooling water pump, in order to provide the circulating cooling water, mainly installed in the outdoor or the roof. Then, use cold water injection molding machine how to choose?
refrigeration in this way is: if there is a cooling towers in the purchase of air-cooled chiller, under the condition of water tower was idle and waste of resources, and air-cooled industrial ice machine than water cooled chiller expensive. If the company without cooling water tower, the number of injection molding machine is not much, subsequent under the condition of no increase, can choose air-cooled chiller. More factories for injection molding machine, the use of water cooled chiller to cool the relatively stable, refrigeration effect is better.

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