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Cold water machine in toughened glass industrial production cooling applications

Cold water machine in the application of industrial cooling, toughened glass toughened glass steel cooling system is very important. Because with the widely application of the toughened glass, glass growing demand, in order to improve the strength of the glass, in the process of using physical method to make toughened glass, you need to heating common glass to tempering temperature, and rapid cooling, forming prestress. But the glass heating up too fast, easy to heat unevenly, led to the decrease of the quality of the glass; In addition, the cooling process of prestressed formation, uneven cooling prone to blow itself up, this is because the bad prestressed form size control, prestress, the greater the degree of steel is higher, the explosive rate is higher, also result in low yield, additional costs of production.

toughened glass steel cooling system, including the fan and cooler, bellows, cold water machine, blast pipe, glass tempering furnace and temperature measuring thermocouple ( Fan cooler and connectivity; On the other side of the cooler connected with bellows; On the other side of the bellows and air hose connection; On the other side of the blast pipe connection and glass tempering furnace; Cold water machine and out of the cooler to connect; Temperature measuring thermocouple in a steel roof) 。

cold water machine in the application of industrial cooling, toughened glass is introduced into the wind cooling system through the industrial ice machine, fan installed capacity and running cost will be reduced, and the lower the temperature of the cooling gas can effectively improve the degree of toughened glass, not only can make the strength of toughened glass has improved significantly.
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