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Cold water machine in the wet compression stroke

The adjustment of the adjustment of cooling, cold water machine, a lot of chengdu is the adjustment of the compressor, direct influence is the adjustment of stroke. Piston type wet stroke is cold water machine adjust one of the most popular technology in the application of

( A) What is the wet stroke piston compressor refrigeration compressor in operation, under normal circumstances is dry saturated steam inhalation; If liquid industrial ice machine into the cylinder cause compressor wet stroke. Because the liquid is incompressible, when the piston upward run, because of the exhaust passage area is small, the liquid too late to escape from the exhaust passage to produce high pressure in the cylinder, the jacking safety cover; When the piston downward pressure in the cylinder is reduced, the safety cover with the landing, then tap on a cylinder and sound, this phenomenon is called & other; 'Knocking & throughout; 。 Cold water machine the wet stroke, also is a kind of wet forming, key component.

( 2) The cause of the wet stroke

1. To the low pressure circulation barrels, liquid ammonia liquid separator and air separator for too much, compressor wet new city will make container liquid level is too high, causes the compressor suction liquid. Another cold fluid for too much, cause the high pressure in the two-stage machine machine wet stroke.

2. Compressor suction valve drive too fast, when the phone is switched on tube wet stroke occurrence in a small amount of liquid suction compressor.

3. Cooling warehouse, back to the valve drive too fast, the operation of equipment in the ammonia liquid heated boiling sharply, quickly return to make a lot of liquid circulation barrels, makes the liquid level inside the barrel is too high, a lot of liquid in the compressor, the compressor caused serious wet stroke, even damage or casualties accidents. And the correct operation is slightly open back valve somite LiuSheng no longer up, when there is no gas throttling sound slowly open again.

4. Refrigeration system normal operation, increase the heat load in the warehouse, machine operators don't know, cause the compressor wet stroke. Cold storage in and out of the goods must inform room operators, this problem can be prevented.

5. Excessive oil make for liquid ammonia liquid separator tube for liquid flow, causing the container liquid level too high wet stroke caused by the compressor.

6. Evaporator with oil, the frost layer thickness, outside does not make for in liquid evaporation, fully back to more wet steam or liquid wet stroke caused by compressor.

7. With a few evaporator ammonia liquid separator, the evaporator for liquid valve adjustment improper, excessive fluid for evaporator compressor wet stroke back into the liquid.

8. Plus ammonia refrigeration system quantity too much, improper operation deployment of compressor wet stroke. 9. Compressor configuration is too large, the circular barrel or ammonia liquid separator liquid back, form the wet stroke compressor. Through the analysis of the above reasons, in system operation, the operator attention to above problems, the compressor of the wet stroke can be prevented.

( 3) Cold water machine the symbol of the wet stroke

1, the signs of the wet stroke piston compressor has three aspects: one is the suction machine, exhaust temperature drop quickly; 2 it is machine and fall of the valve by crisp become dull sound; Three suction cavity is surrounded by frost.

2. If discover later appears the chiming of the cylinder.

( 4) The harm of ammonia compressor wet stroke

1. In the treatment of the compressor in the process of the wet stroke, the refrigerating capacity of the compressor is reduced, lengthen working hours and increase power consumption.

2. Make the compressor suction, exhaust valve and valve spring damage due to the effect of cold short.

3. During the processing of the wet stroke, if do not pay attention to, can't afford to oil pressure, easy to process accident.

4. If dealing with wet stroke, close the oil cooler cooling water, the oil cooler frost crack easily. If increase the water supply of cooling water, can avoid the above problems.
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