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Cold water machine in the plastic production application of medium pressure roller cooling

Cold water machine in the plastic roll cooling applications, the production of ptfe material's high melt index and illiquid under the molten state, the traditional sintering process is at the back of the oven is configured with a pair of roller, used for transmission of ptfe on laying rubber roller, press roller materials for steel. Because ptfe rolling film need nearly 400 ℃ high temperature sintering, from oven output of ptfe itself also has a very high temperature, easy on the back of the rubber roller on loss and damage. So, in the process of production, often need to change the rubber, not only increase the cost of the sintering process, but also reduce the production efficiency, make ptfe sintering process of the high cost and low efficiency.

plastic production cooling system: including press roller, cap and cold water machine; Press roller and sealing cap relative rotation, through the seal sealing connection, seal cap with open cold water influx and export back to the water, cold water machine is equipped with the outlet and water entry, outlet, is connected with cold water to flow into the mouth water entry and water connected to export back.

cold water machine in the plastic production application of medium pressure roller cooling in ptfe sintering process, reduce and control the press roller temperature, away with roller press roll movement of the roller on the redundant quantity of heat, make in the laying of the rubber on the top of the roller will not damaged by high temperature, reduce the ptfe sintering cost, raise the efficiency of ptfe sintering.
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