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Cold water machine in the PC film production three-roll calender machine application

In the process of conventional PC film production, three-roll calender is the use of cold water control roller temperature, die temperature machine, but because of the temperature difference is small, in the process of external temperature effects and operating internal exhaust often cause problems such as roller can't get accurate temperature control, and make the production material sticking, uneven thickness, warping, bad lustre, lack of material. At the same time also can cause rubber roller burn out.

in order to solve the technical problems, establish a PC film production three-roll calender temperature control system, including water tower, cold water machine, water pumps, valves, solenoid valve, die temperature machine, roller, whose character is: the water tower bottom connection with cold water machine, water tower right end connected with the water pump, water pump right end connections have more than one ball valve, ball valve right end is connected with electromagnetic valve, electromagnetic valve right end connection with die temperature machine, die temperature machine bottom roller setting.

in the cold water machine, meet the demanding requirements for the temperature when the PC film production, prolong the service life of the die temperature machine, more important is to guarantee the mutation in any production situation, such as mold temperature machine damage, etc. , still can realize the temperature control of the three roll, reduces the product equipment repair rate.

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