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Cold water machine in the field of vacuum coating application and advantages

Vacuum coating film body is evaporation at high temperatures in the workpiece surface crystallization, combined with the frequency of the intermediate frequency equipment high current is big, has a current to flow in the conductor skin effect, the charge will be gathered with surface area in the conductance, such making that conductance heat so the hole in the pipe do conductor water cooling in the middle. Moreover, magnetron sputtering target on launch will produce high temperature can make the shot gun deformation, so it has a cooling water to cool the shot gun. Based on working principle of the vacuum coating, its need to form a complete set of a water cooling equipment, can provide constant temperature, constant current, constant pressure of cooling water equipment - - Cold water machine.

the cooling water temperature of cold water machine can automatically adjust according to user requirements, can control the temperature of the vacuum coating machine, to ensure the high quality of plating thing. Long-term use can save water and water circulation system. If not cold water machine vacuum coating machine can't achieve the high precision, high efficiency, the purpose of controlling temperature for natural water tower and water cooling are inevitably influenced by natural temperature, and the way of control is too volatile. Cold water machine has completely independent refrigeration system, not influenced by temperature and environmental, the water temperature in 5 ℃ ~ 30 ℃ range adjusting control, thus achieve the purpose of temperature control and high precision, high efficiency, cold water machine is equipped with independent water recycling system.

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